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Website Promotion

This page provides a general over-view of website promotion.

Title, description and keywords

Use these sections to describe the contents of your website. Try and think of words that people will type into search engines. When you submit your website to a search engine it sends a 'robot' which is a computer program that scans your site for content then memorises it. When someone searches for a word or phrase on the search engine, all of the websites that have that word or phrase in them will be presented to the searcher.

Reciprocal links

Search engines often judge the relevance and importance of a website by the number of people linking to it. The more important a search engine considers a website to be, the higher up the rankings it will be.

Therefore try to get as many people to swap links with you as possible. (Update 2014) Under new Google rules might not be benefical now and a disadvantage.

Online classifieds and FFA's

Just like their offline counterparts, online classifieds will allow you to post an advert for a limited period of time. Most of them are free, but some expect payment.

FFA's (Free for all adverts) allow you to post a link to your website on a large bulletin board, for people to see. Again the advert will only remain for a short period of time.

The effectiveness of both these methods is argued by web marketers. Some say they are good and some feel them to be a waste of time. If you do use them, it is advised that you get one of the free e-mail addresses, such as HotMail. This is because you need to submit an e-mail address with your posting, which allows people to collect e-mail addresses and send you unwanted e-mails, otherwise known as spam. Using the free e-mail will avoid your real e-mail inbox from being clogged up with spam.

The Internet can provide some free advertising, but if you really want high quality, targeted traffic who are interested in renting holiday homes, why not advertise your property on a directory like jmlvillas.com ?

As an organisation, jmlvillas.com advertises in national newspapers, travel magazines and has high search engine rankings and a large reciprocal links network. This allows it a substantial amount of traffic.

N.B. This information should not be relied on for accuracy and is presented here without the responsibility of jml Property Service and the website it is being displayed at. jml property Services 01-04

Why not have a look at the jmlvillas.com site and find out how they can help you.



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